Wendekind - Jörg Schneider

Since more than 30 years Jörg Schneider, 54, supplies a venue for young people to meet and discuss their problems at the youth centre “UK”, run by “AWO Chemnitz”. Since 1990 more than 47.000 people moved out of the former socialist housing project “Wohngebiet Fritz Heckert”. The families inhabiting the houses, calling the “Heckert” area their home, are those who Jörg describes as “people for whom the sun shines rarely”. With his work he mainly focuses on relationships work amongst humans. This also counts for those openly favouring far-right ideas. Nevertheless he makes sure that racist harassments do not take place at his youth center. A video portrait.
Teamproject by Michael Trammer, Hannah Aders, Jan Kräutle

The Bookbinder

Jürgen Dederra, a small bookbinder in Munich, puts finest craftsmanship in every book he manufactures. Bookbinding has become a difficult business in Germany. A portrait about passion to music, books and a craftsmanship in regression.

Michael Trammer

Freelance photo- and videojournalist based in Germany. Work focused on social movements, breaking news, politics, far-right extremism and humanitarian crisis.
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