Chemnitz Triggert - Zwischen Angst, Wut und Widerstand

A young group of politically active people from Chemnitz and Michael Trammer have produced a documentary on everyday racism, violent attacks, perspectives on migrant self-organisation and missing spaces in the Eastern German town, that will be "European Capital of Culture" in 2025. Almost four years ago violent far-right manhunts dominated the news about the city, following the death of a younf man in the context of the city fai. The movie asks what stays and amplifies the voices of those unheard and ignored, those affected by the everyday far-right violence.

Online Release March 18th.

Tränen an der polnischen Grenze: Ehepaar aus Zwickau empfängt Mutter aus der Ukraine

An den Zäunen des Bahnhofs im polnischen Grenzort Przemyśl warten Menschen sehnsüchtig auf Angehörige und Verwandte aus der Ukraine.

Kamera: Iván Furlan Cano
Redaktion: Sitara Thalia Ambrosio & Michael Trammer
Fotos: Sitara Thalia Ambrosio
Editing: Jannis Große

A place without tommorow

Martina Tantow, has been the owner of the Gaston pub in Hannover Linden for 20 years. For her regulars, the Gaston is their second living room, a place of retreat and also sometimes the emergency accommodation when it their home burnt down. When the pub gets into financial difficulties, a billiard league of the guests helps to get new momentum into the business.

Teamproject by Hannah Aders, Jan Kräutle and Michael Trammer



The gates of Fortress Europe are firmly closed in 2020, leaving only a few loopholes. At few places refugees do manage to cross borders. One is the Greek Aegean island of Lesbos, which has become a focal point of the eastern Meditarranean migration route. The largest refugee camp in Europe is located on the island. Conflicts emerge on the spot. At the end of February 2020, parts of the island's population turn violently against refugees.

An attempt to document this moment.

Teamproject with Raphael Knipping. Awarded Bronze in category Multimedia at CPOY 2020.

Camera for "Ramon Roselly: Vom Zirkus zu DSDS und nun Schlagerstar - Die Doku | Ich find Schlager toll"

From circus performer and building cleaner to superstar. "It's an indescribably wonderful feeling that I get to experience all this and live out my big dream. I'm just blissfully happy," says Ramon Roselly. Ich find Schlager toll accompanied the likeable singer over the past few months and provides exclusive and personal insights into his life in "Ramon Roselly - Die Doku". From the ring to the big TV stage - Ich find Schlager toll brings light into the darkness.

The Bookbinder

Jürgen Dederra, a small bookbinder in Munich, puts finest craftsmanship in every book he manufactures. Bookbinding has become a difficult business in Germany. A portrait about passion to music, books and a craftsmanship in regression.

Wendekind - Joerg Schneider

Since more than 30 years Joerg Schneider, 54, supplies a venue for young people to meet and discuss their problems at the youth centre “UK”, run by “AWO Chemnitz”. Since 1990 more than 47.000 people moved out of the former socialist housing project “Wohngebiet Fritz Heckert”. The families inhabiting the houses, calling the “Heckert” area their home, are those who Jörg describes as “people for whom the sun shines rarely”. With his work he mainly focuses on relationships work amongst humans. This also counts for those openly favouring far-right ideas. Nevertheless he makes sure that racist harassments do not take place at his youth center. A video portrait.
Teamproject by Michael Trammer, Hannah Aders, Jan Kräutle

Michael Trammer

Freelance photo- and videojournalist based in Germany. Work focused on social movements, breaking news, politics, far-right extremism and humanitarian crisis.
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